Before you decide to contact me, please read the About and My Philosophy sections. I want to make sure we believe in the same things. I will not give you a magic pill, but I can promise you will find the place where you are listened to, and your worries are met with compassion. No concerns are too small or unimportant to discuss.

I believe that as long as you do not find the balance and harmony in your physical, mental, emotional self, and you do not live according to what you believe in, real health and well-being may difficult to find. As long as you do not create the right environment inside and outside of you there will be friction and discomfort and dis-ease. When you match all the pieces together everything will start to flow. Not everything requires effort. Not everything has to be a struggle. Sometimes you can achieve more by doing less. Your health and well-being is not another thing on your to-do list. It is your foundation you can give your gifts to the world. We want to discover what stops you.

But before we get there, we may need to wander for some time. We are used to quick solutions in this fast-paced world. We want instant results, with least effort possible. We do not have time to look within to see what is needed. And I am here to help you!

What can I help with:

Chronic Skin Conditions

Brain Health


Thyroid Health

Asthma and atopic conditions

Hormonal Imbalances

Gut Issues

Health Optimisation and Longevity

Weight gain

The Functional Medicine approach combines different modalities. I blend the knowledge of conventional medicine with nutrition, lifestyle, a holistic view of a person and… common sense. Our body is a complex system that may require different modalities.

  • You can book an Initial appointment and follow ups (30 min -1h) as needed or:
  • You can choose between a package of 3 or 6 appointments (1 h) where we dive deep into your health concerns. We will take time to get all information needed and customise it to your needs. You will need to complete the health questionnaire beforehand. We may choose the appropriate tests or supplements or use different tools. We will also discuss your current lifestyle, nutrition and we will try to discover what is needed to bring your life back to balance on physical, mental, emotional and maybe even spiritual levels.