The Secret of Self-Care

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We are often hard on ourselves.

We beat ourselves up for not being up to the standard. Often forgetting who set this standard for us. We are very good at criticising ourselves. At pointing our flaws. We are good at creating pain and imbalances in our bodies, minds and souls.

We punish ourselves for not being perfect. We punish ourselves for not eating a perfect diet, not having perfect exercise regime, even for not having time to relax on a yoga mat as we are too tired to participate in a relaxation session…

What if I tell you that there is a different, more gentle way?

The way where our Inner Critic stays silent and you discover what is best for you in the silence of your being, where things seem to flow. Where you can create health based on your principles, not on somebody’s advice.

When you look deep inside you, you will discover that balanced life and health is not about the diet, exercise or sleep understood in a traditional way, as a part of a healthy lifestyle. It is about the meaning you attach to those areas of your self-care routine. And yes, nutrition, sleep and relaxation, movement are part of your self-care rituals. Not another thing on the endless to-improve list.

Self-care will become your priority when you start loving yourself, trusting yourself, respecting yourself. When you come home to yourself.

There is nothing selfish about it.

It is also about the mindset, removing limiting beliefs about health, finding what matters to you. Shifting focus from the disease to health. The is no disease, there is only dis-ease and imbalance in the body which took enough assault and finally decides to talk to you through the pain, fatigue, anxiety…

You will not find the answers on the Internet or in the medical journals. Maybe not even from all the health experts. The only person who has the answers is You and your Inner Wisdom. Your body wants to communicate with you. Will you listen?

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