‘It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.’


I was trained as a conventional medical doctor.

But despite the great training, I did not learn how to create health. I only learned how to diagnose and manage diseases. Something was missing. Not enough time to listen. Not enough time to ask the questions. But somehow I knew there is a different way.

I spent a long time trying to fit somewhere. To fit into conventional medicine, nutrition, mental health, lifestyle medicine, alternative therapies but everything felt uncomfortable. There was a focus on a physical body, but not mental health, there was a focus on mental health but not soul, there was a soul but no physical body. And we consist of all of these aspects.

When I found the Functional Medicine, it instantly resonated with me. It is close to my heart as it seems to see the human as a whole. It is a powerful blend of all aspects of health.

I combine the science with your inner ability to heal. I choose and add whatever is needed. We are all different. There is no single prescription that can solve all problems. I am not on either side. Nothing is perfect and without flaws. If you want to start thinking for yourself I can help you. If you are tired of striving, pushing and punishing yourself and instead want to live in harmony with your values and create a healthy balance in your system, let me help you. Let go of perfectionism and fixed ideas. Come back home to yourself and feel rooted and grounded again. I can provide a safe space for you where you can fully open and I will guide you as much as you need. I will also show you how to be creative and express your true self. Maybe I will ask you to meditate, maybe to eat certain vegetables, maybe to dance twice a week, maybe to talk to your partner. It is all Medicine but we just forgot about it. I take time to listen. Most of the answers are already in your Story.

We can work on one particular issue that prevents you from living the life you always desired, and we can be goal-oriented. However small or big it is.

I am a GMC registered doctor, member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and the Nutritional Society. I carry the Diploma in Mental Health and I am currently working towards the Nutritional Medicine MSc. I completed multiple aesthetic medicine training. I am passionate about health, prevention, longevity and wellness.