Everyone has struggled with low mood, poor memory, inability to concentrate at some point in their lives. We live in a high paced environment, constantly bombarded with excessive amount of information. We take no time to actively relax, pause and take care of ourselves.

This comprehensive 7-week programme will take you through the main areas related to mental health, cognition, and optimal brain function. We will discuss the optimal nutrition and supplements for your brain and nervous system, we will discover the connection between gut and brain and how trillions of gut bacteria can affect your mood. We will dive into body rhythms and how things like sleep and movement can influence them. Then, we will talk about the strategies that involve a mind-body connection for deep relaxation through balancing your nervous system. In addition, we will focus on your environment to create healing rituals to ensure you are making sustainable changes.

If you feel stressed, anxious, have no energy and motivation, cannot focus, and your mood is low there is an underlying reason. It may be your nutrition, lack of sleep, stressful life, lack of meaning. This comprehensive programme will help you to address all those areas and we will spend more time in the places which require more care. We can also run complimentary tests such as nutrigenomic, nutritional, hormonal or gut which are designed to help to undercover the underlying issues related to the nervous system, mood and brain imbalances.


1. Your Story

2. Brain Nutrients

3. Gut-Brain Axis and Microbiome

4. Body Rhythms and Movement

5. Mind-Body Connection

6. Symptoms as Messengers

7. Safe and Healing Environment

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