I hope those few kind words from people who had various treatments with me will help you make your first step to work with me!

I attended the centre for a vitamin IV drip. I am very happy with the treatment and service I received. I felt a significant improvement in my energy levels shortly after the treatment and I’m amazed how quickly it worked. The whole procedure went very well. I felt very comfortable and in the good hands of a friendly, professional and organised team. I’m planning to have further IV drips at the centre in the near future.’

Meryam Licata

Great experience with both Andrea and Klaudia, they gave me great advice on my digestion problems and moving forwards with appropriate tests. I liked the holistic approach to the problem everything in the body works together. They were attentive, knowledgeable explained me thoroughly every detail dos and don’ts. Very glad I found them highly recommended’

Vytai Ramanauski

I’ve been working with Klaudia and Andrea for the past few months and am feeling better already!
I had severe bloating on and off for a few years. Recently when it got worse I finally decided to start working with a functional medicine doctor. Klaudia did a very thorough symptom and medical history questionnaire and based on my answers recommended SIBO and Gut Microbiome tests. Currently she is helping me to treat SIBO that came positive from the tests. She doesn’t recommend unnecessary tests and tackles one issue at a time so it’s not overwhelming. I am happy with my progress and service so far and can recommend her to everyone who is fed up with conventional medicine that just helps you cover up symptoms.’

Rita Ainsworth

Klaudia is a great practitioner. She’s really knowledgeable and has helped me both while trying to conceive and during my pregnancy. She’s kind and attentive, and she takes plenty of time to make sure you understand her advice and always provide fantastic aftercare so you can learn more in depth why certain habits and lifestyle changes can greatly help you. It’s rare to find such a caring therapist. Thanks for all your help!

A to Zen Therapies

‘Had an amazing drip at Whole Harmony. The experience felt safe with all social distancing measures in place (…).’

Kayur Patel

Klaudia is qualified as a medical doctor and a holistic therapist. She is therefore able to use both her scientific knowledge and listening skills to understand the source of a problem and give the best advice. She is passionate about health and takes plenty of time to explain how our body functions. She has a lovely personality and it’s very reassuring to deal with health issues with such a professional and caring person.Claire Berna

Had an IV drip and PRP treatment for hair loss with Dr Klaudia. The environment was safe, clean and professional. The Dr was very approachable and answered all my questions prior to the treatment. I had the immune boosting drip and can recommend it, especially during these times. It’s been about a few weeks since my PRP treatment and I’m already noticing some improvement in my hair growth.’ – Loris Bognanni

‘ I had a PRP treatment with Dr Klaudia at Whole Harmony not really knowing what to expect and I must say I am very impressed.  The treatment wasn’t at all painful, Klaudia made sure that my face was completely numb beforehand, and she talked me trough what to expect at every stage.  PRP gave amazing results, and even a few weeks later my skin is so smooth and radiant! I highly recommend this treatment, and Klaudia is exceptionally knowledgable and skilled.’- Elisabeth Robson