Functional Medicine and Nutrition

Functional Medicine 
  • Is a science-based approach which focuses on the whole person.
  • Sees the person through the light of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  • Asks why things are happening instead of trying to mask the symptoms.
  • Dives deep into biochemistry and physiology.
  • Understands the body complexity and tries to connect dots between different symptoms.
  • Sees disease, body’s signs and symptoms as a guide to underlying imbalances.
  • Tries to address the root cause of the health concerns.
  • Uses tools such as nutrition, lifestyle advice, advanced and routine tests, and cooperates with other therapists.
  • Is up-to-date with the latest scientific research.
  • Understands that everyone is different and has unique needs.

Functional Medicine is a scientific approach towards health optimisation and chronic health concerns designed to identify underlying root causes of health problems. When the underlying imbalances are addressed, health issues often disappear’. It is a powerful approach while addressing conditions such as obesity, hormonal imbalance, low energy levels, immune system imbalances, or gut issues and any chronic problems. Although lifestyle and nutrition is the base of the health foundations, to live our full potential, the mental and emotional state and even the spiritual aspects of health may need to be considered. I believe in teamwork, so if any particular need arises I often refer to other trusted therapists (health coaches, osteopaths, counsellors). I offer a wide range of tools which help to understand the individual obstacles on the way to health such as advanced tests. Longer appointments time, a relaxed atmosphere, a holistic view of the person and gentle approach coupled with personalised tests and interventions is my way to guide you through your health journey.

I offer 3 or 6 appointments packages, 3 appointment specific goal packages or single advice. For customised programmes please contact me directly so you can choose the option that suits your needs.

The MIND Transformation

My signature programme The MIND Transformation – from anxiety, low mood, ‘brain fog’ to calm, content and clear is a comprehensive 7-week programme which will take you through the main areas related to mental health, cognition, and optimal brain function. We will discuss the optimal nutrition and supplements for your brain and nervous system, we will discover the connection between gut and brain and how trillions of gut bacteria can affect your mood. We will dive into body rhythms and how things like sleep and movement can influence them. Then, we will talk about the strategies that involve a mind-body connection for deep relaxation through balancing your nervous system. In addition, we will focus on your environment to create healing rituals to ensure you are making sustainable changes.

Nutrigenetic testing – We all know that the genes are not our destiny. However, they can give us valuable information on your ‘weak’ points such as predisposition to inflammation, oxidative stress, slower detoxification. They will also allow us to see how you process certain nutrients, hormones, toxins. We also offer specific profiles related to skin health, sport, mental health and much more.

Nutritional tests – The optimal nutrient status is critical to health and wellbeing. However, most of us do not get enough healthy nutrients every day. With advanced testing, we can go deep and see how you metabolise nutrients, how you produce energy, how you cope with oxidative stress and much more.

Gut test – By now everyone heard about the gut microbiome. Those trillions of gut bacteria have a profound effect on our health including our mood, weight, skin, digestion and nearly every organ in our body. Comprehensive gut tests allow us to understand your digestion, level of inflammation, the balance between beneficial bacteria and the presence of parasites. They can answer questions on digestive symptoms and other chronic health conditions

Food sensitivity tests – when used in combination with the elimination diet and a process of rebuilding oral tolerance and gut health may be a useful tool in establishing what kind of food you react to.

Hormonal tests – We provide advanced hormonal tests which give us information on the stress hormones levels, as wells other hormones’ metabolism, such as oestrogens or male hormones. They may be valuable in situations where hormonal imbalance is suspected.

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